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Walrus AudioMeraki Stereo Analog Delay Pedal


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Walrus Audio Meraki

Get lost in the dreamy and decadent sound of Meraki, a stereo analog delay from Walrus Audio. Utilizing eight MN3005 bucket brigade delay chips, Meraki has the wonderfully warm character and satisfying richness you'd expect from such high quality components. While it easily checks all the boxes as a beautiful option for straightforward echo effects, the Meraki features an expansive set of parametric and performative controls for maximum versatility and sonic experimentation. The Meraki has 6 parametric knobs for tweaking settings of each delay channel, and 4 three-position switches that alter the function of the unit as a whole. Standard knob controls for dry/wet mix, feedback amount for each channel, modulation depth and rate, delay time, and a useful tilt eq are available, with the switches below unlocking further functionality.

The DIV L and DIV R switches affect the metric division on which delay time is based, which in turn affects the relationship between delay time and taps input on the tap tempo footswitch. An additional submenu is available by holding the bypass switch down while flipping either switch, allowing you to change modulation shape or delay line phase offset. Multiple feedback path options give you the choice between parallel, ping-pong delay, series, presenting versatile processing paths to traverse. Finally, a fourth switch allows you to adjust mod and time parameters independently for each channel if desired, creating complex stereo images with ease.

As if that wasn't enough fun already, Walrus has implemented a ton of performative options for creating musical gestures with Meraki. Choose between true and buffered bypass options for controlling delay tails. The right footswitch gives you access to tap tempo, or hold it down to send your sound into full feedback madness before releasing to ease the musical tension. Standard expression/external tap input is also available for adding control to Meraki's parameters. 5-pin MIDI connectivity gives you a wide range of performative gestures, ready to turn Meraki into a fully performable instrument itself with enough control.

With few competitors in its class, the Meraki from Walrus Audio is a cornucopia of analog delay capability. Its stereo connectivity, versatile feature set, and unmistakable analog warmth offer a fantastic option for guitarists, synthesists, and producers alike looking to add premium analog effects to their signal chain.

Meraki Features

  • Stereo analog delay pedal
  • Independent control of left and right feedback, mod depth, mod time, delay time, and time
  • Modulation with variable shapes: triangle, square and random
  • Tap tempo footswitch can be held to create feedback swells
  • Tilt EQ for shaping timbre of delay tails
  • Switch between true or buffered bypass
  • Delay times from 80ms - 1200ms
  • Phase offset for widening stereo image
  • Multiple feedback paths - parallel, ping-pong, and in-series processing
  • 5-pin MIDI connectivity and implementation
  • Expression / external tap input
  • Dimensions: 2.35 x 4.98 x 5.86"
  • Power Specs: 9VDC 500mA center negative (not included)
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