Walrus AudioJulia Analog Chorus/Vibrato V2


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Walrus Audio Julia

The Walrus Audio Julia V2 is a chorus/vibrato pedal that can provide tones from a slight chorus effect to more extreme forms of tone warbling, modulated vibrato with a lot of room in-between. It features an analog LFO with two selectable waveshapes, sine and triangle.

Rate sets the LFO rate, while depth sets the modulation range. Lag sets the center position of the modulation, offsetting the modulation range of the LFO—so you could offset the LFO modulation to allow for a smaller range of LFO change while still having higher vibrato settings. The blend knob goes from dry at its lowest settings to chorus, and finally to vibrato, allowing you to dial in the behavior and intensity of the effect. The chorus is formed by combining the dry signal and the affected vibrato signal. Version two adds board mounted jacks, soft bypass switch, and updated art by Adam Forster. Explore the watery depths of tonal modulation capable with Julia.

Julia Features

  • Analog chorus/vibrato pedal
  • LFO with triangle and sine waveforms
  • Lag offsets the modulation depth
  • Blend from dry signal to full vibrato with a chorus in the middle derived from the two signals
  • Soft bypass footswitch
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  • 4.7 x 2.9 x 2.3/119 x 73 x 58mm
  • 9V DC (not included)
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