Walrus AudioEras Five-State Distortion Pedal


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Walrus Eras Five-State Distortion Pedal

Add variety to your pedalboard with the Eras five mode distortion pedal from Walrus Audio. LED and silicon diodes are at the core, with the Mode Switch giving you different combinations of each. The first two modes are tight with just a slight mid-cut: Mode 1 is LED hard clipping while Mode 2 is silicon. Mode 3 is dual clipping using both LED and silicon giving you a rich, full sound with added sustain. Modes 4 and 5 deeply scoop out the mids with Mode 4 using LED hard clipping for a tight response and internal volume control, while Mode 5 uses silicon hard clipping imparting a warm, full sound.

For more tonal flexibility, active boost/cut Bass and Treble knobs help to shape the sound. The Blend knob is a unique parameter to the Eras: all the way CCW is a 100% Dry signal while CW is 100% Wet, this makes the pedal great for bassists who want to dial in a touch of growl to their tone.

Eras Features

  • 5 mode, high-gain distortion pedal
  • Active boost/cut Bass and Treble knobs
  • Gain and Volume controls
  • Blend knob with full dry and full wet at either extreme
  • Dimensions: 4.7x2.6x1.4 in
  • Power Specs: 9VDC center-negative, 100mA PSU (not included)
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