Walrus AudioD1 MAKO Series Digital Delay Pedal


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Walrus D1 MAKO Series Digital Delay Pedal

The Walrus Audio D1 is a high-fidelity digital stereo delay and the first of their Mako series of pedals, suited to a range of applications from the vintage sound of tape echoes to lush ambient swells and distorted reversed delays. The D1 can produce nearly any style of traditional delay sound and beyond.

The tweak knob has a corresponding switch which determines the behavior of the knob, and allows it to edit all three parameters from one knob. Mod adds LFO modulation, tone affects the timbre of the repeats and can be used to make a sound brighter or darker, and age adds grit and ranges from warm overdrive to bit crushed lo-fi delay madness. The Attack control applies an attack envelope to the delay trails and allows for lush and dreamy ambience. The D1 features two inputs and outputs and can be used in any combination of mono and stereo operation. A tap tempo footswitch can be used to set the tempo of the delay. The division switch selects the division of the tempo and can be quarter note, eighth note, or dotted eight note.

The D1 features five delay modes. The Digital mode is a clean and bright digital-style delay, while the Vintage mode provides analog-inspired delay with great vintage tones and rich filtering. Dual mode creates two parallel delays with different time divisions and works great as a stereo delay. Mod mode provides modulated repeats with random LFOs that run at different rates, and Reverse mode reads the delay memory backwards for a reversed effect.

There are nine on-board presets which can be saved and recalled easily, with 128 presets available via MIDI. MIDI can also be used to change the parameters and clock the delay externally to keep it in time with your other gear. The MIDI out also serves as a MIDI thru port, useful for clocking multiple pedals in your pedal chain at the same time. The D1 is a great addition to your pedal setup, offering fantastic tones, tap tempo with selectable divisions, and deep MIDI integration.

D1 Features

  • Digital delay
  • Five delay modes: Digital, Vintage, Dual, Mod, and Reverse
  • Nine presets stored internally
  • Up to 128 presets accessible via MIDI
  • Three-parameter tweak switch and knob
  • Attack adds an attack envelope for volume swells
  • Tap tempo or manual time control with note divisions
  • Age adds anything from subtle warmth to completely bit crushing the input signal
  • Bypass footswitch with three modes
  • MIDI in and out/thru
  • Stereo in and out
  • 4.9 x 2.52 x 2.64/124 x 64 x 67mm
  • 9V DC center negative (not included)
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