Walrus AudioCanvas Power 22 Pedal Power Supply + External PSU


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Walrus Audio Canvas Power 22

Ideal for sprawling pedalboards, the Walrus Audio Canvas Power 22 boasts a generous number of outlets that can keep massive pedal rigs happy and running healthy. No fewer than 22 (!) outlets offer 500mA of current at 9V, covering the power needs for most pedals out there. In the event that you need something more irregular, two outlets can be optionally switched to 12V or 18V, while an additional USB-C port can be used for charing your phone, tablet, or other device that needs to be powered alongside your pedal rig. If you're running a huge pedalboard, the slim but capable Walrus Audio Canvas Power 22 can keep you up and running.

This version of the Canvas Power 22 includes the external power supply, but multiple units may be chained together via the 24V In and 24V Thru outlets.

Canvas Power 22 Features

  • 22-outlet pedalboard power supply
  • Massive power in a slim housing
  • Provides 500mA of current at 9V from all outlets
  • Two outlets may be switched to 12V or 18V (current divides down)
  • USB-C outlet for powering devices
  • Includes external power brick
  • Chain multiple power supplies with 24V Thru
  • Includes moutning brackets
  • Dimensions: 417mm x 54mm x 25.5mm (16.41in x 2.12in x 1in)
  • Power Specs: Includes 24V 48W power brick
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