Walrus AudioBadwater Bass Pre-Amp + D.I. Pedal


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Walrus Audio Badwater

Dive into warmth and punch with Walrus Audio's Badwater, a bass-designed preamplifier and DI, loaded with tone-shaping tools to meet any bass player's immediate needs. Starting at the input, your signal is first met by an optical compressor to smooth out your overall level and apply a variable amount of sustain for held out notes. After rounding out your tone, the next optional effect is the Drive control, applying anywhere from light boost to heavy distortion available in three flavors with an independent level control. Drive is optional, but it applies a thick layer of grit that'll enhance any bass player's sound, and heading right into an EQ section allows you to further sculpt and carve the sections of your bass that need a little extra love. The four-band EQ offers up to +/-12dB of shaping with two variable mid bands that sweep a broad range of frequencies for any necessary tweaks. Offering both a standard Hi-Z output as well as an XLR DI output with engageable ground lift, Badwater is here to compact all your bass-sculpting needs into one supreme pedal.

Badwater Features

  • Bass preamp DI pedal
  • Optical compressor with variable strength via the Sustain control
  • Drive parameter with independent level control offers three flavors
  • Four band EQ with variable low-mid (500Hz-2.4kHz) and high-mid (3.5-7.5kHz) frequencies
  • +/-12dB for lows and +/-10dB for low-mid, high-mid, and highs
  • Balanced DI output via the XLR with engageable ground lift
  • Mono 1/4" I/O to run to amplifier or more pedals
  • Dimensions: 4.77" x 2.6" x 1.39" (L x W x H)
  • Power Specs: 9VDC, 100mA minimum (PSU not included)
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