Walrus Audio Phoenix 120V Clean Power Supply

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Walrus Audio Phoenix 120V

The Walrus Audio Phoenix is an isolated power supply that utilizes two custom wound toroidal transformers for pristine noise filtering. It boasts a total of 15 outputs and fits comfortably under most pedal boards. 

Additionally, the Phoenix includes 15 2.1mm power cables, 2 2.5mm-2.1mm line 6 cables, and an IEC cable. 

Phoenix Features

  • All outputs are isolated.
  • 15 Total outputs.
  • Four 9V, 300mA (can power the larger digital pedals like the Strymon BigSky and Timeline)
  • Eight 9V, 100mA
  • Two outputs include a toggle switch option to run 9V or 12V
  • One output includes a toggle switch option for 9V or 18V
  • One Courtesy Outlet
  • 120V Power - US Power Standards Only
  • Exact size: 9.75” long, 2.6” wide, 2” high.
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