Walrus AudioJanus Tremolo Fuzz


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Walrus Audio Janus

The Walrus Audio Janus is a unique fusion of fuzz and tremolo pedals that produces effects far beyond what can be achieved by chaining other fuzz and tremolo pedals together. 

The most noticeable and most unique feature of the Janus is its dual joysticks, which allow for the simultaneous manipulation of two separate parameters, allowing for discreet changes that knobs can’t touch. The tremolo joystick controls the rate and depth parameters, while the fuzz controls tone and fuzz amounts.

Additionally, there’s a three-position switch for altering clipping diodes.

Janus Features

  • Fuzz Joystick Controls Tone and Depth
  • Tremolo Joystick Controls Speed and Depth
  • Tremolo Level, Fuzz Level and Blend Knobs
  • 3-Way Fuzz Toggle
  • Bass Boost On/Off Toggle
  • Independent Fuzz, Tremolo Bypass Switches
  • True Bypass Footswitch


  • 9V DC Operation
  • The use of an isolated power supply is recommended.
  • Daisy chain power supplies are not recommended.
  • 7.38” (18.74 cm) x 4.70” (11.93 cm) X 2.75” (6.98 cm)
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