Vostok InstrumentsSena Multi-Channel Sound Source


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Vostok Instruments Sena

Vostok's Sena module is a multi-channel VCO built around the 3340 oscillator core, found in classic synths like the SH-101, OB-Xa, and Jupiter-6 and features a noise bank for added spice. The Sena uses four independent channels for each of the four waveforms, sine, triangle, saw, and square, to give you surgical precision when making adjustments. Each channel has its own V/Oct input, Frequency control, output, and unique wave shaping; Sine has a two-stage folder, Tri has a trapezoid shaper, Saw features a phase modulator, and the Square has a PWM. To complement this tonal cornucopia, a noise bank gives you four different types of noise outputs: White, Pink, Brown, and Blue, each with their own tonal characteristics. Vostok comes out swinging with their Sena VCO, a fully featured, straight-forward, exceptional sound and modulation source.

Sena Features

  • Analog multi-channel VCO
  • 4 Independent channels for Sine, Tri, Saw, and Square outputs
  • Each channel features V/Oct with cascading inputs
  • Unique modulation for each channel: folder, shaper, trapezoid-er, and PWM
  • Per channel LFO/VCO switch
  • Analog Noise Bank with White, Pink, Blue and Brown outputs
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 14hp
  • Depth: 30mm
  • Current draw: 130mA @ +12v, 130mA @ -12v
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