Vostok InstrumentsAtlas Quad-Core Multimode Filter


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Vostok Instruments Atlas

The Atlas quad-core multimode filter from Vostok Instruments puts a world of analog sound sculpting in the palm of your hands. Packing a whopping four channels of analog filtering with multiple modes and an interpolating scanner output, Atlas has plenty of tricks up its sleeve for flexible filter fun.

Each of Atlas's four high-quality filters are gain-cell-based cores inspired by classic 80s Japanese synths. This legendary sound has been fine tuned with an improved response, resonance compensation, and a lower noise floor to ensure smooth vintage sound with modern execution. Three filter modes are available for each, including 4-pole low-pass, 2-pole high-pass, and 4-pole bandpass filter types.

Vostok Instruments have implemented a number of useful features for making the most of their high-quality filterbank in a modular environment. Each input is daisy chained to the next for convenient parallel processing. Each filter mode self-oscillates cleanly at high resonance settings, perfect for filter-pinging your way towards a tiny modular drum machine. An additional, CV-controlled interpolating scanner output is available, opening up the possibility for complex morphing between filter timbres or oscillating resonances.

The market for Eurorack filters may be all over the map, but Atlas is a module that's sure to satisfy your spectra-shaping needs.

Atlas Features

  • Quad-core multimode filter
  • Gain-cell-based design inspired by classic 80s synths of Japan
  • Resonance compensation for clean self-oscillation at high settings
  • Three filter modes: 4-pole low-pass, 2-pole high-pass, 4-pole band-pass
  • Daisy-chained audio and frequency inputs for convenient processing through multiple filters
  • CV-controlled interpolating scanner output crossfades between channel outputs
  • Secondary CV inputs switchable between filter frequency and resonance
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 16hp
  • Depth: 30mm
  • Current draw: 170mA @ +12V, 170mA @ -12V, 0mA @ +5V
Product Demo Videos
Quad Multimode Filter & Morphing Scanner Bank // Atlas by Vostok Instruments
I really love the approach of Vostok Instruments where they’re building out modules that not only sound great, but that offer multiple channels of the same functions. In modular you often need more, and not particularly more variety, but more of the same functions to push creativity and deeper levels of patching.

Atlas is a set of 4 multimode filters (low pass, high pass, band pass), with clever normalisations, dual modulation inputs per channel, a ‘classic synths of Japan in the 80s’ inspired sound PLUS you get an interpolating scanner bank that will morph between the four filter outputs. It’s an impressive thing that’s been a delight to play and patch with.

As always I hope the video provides you patches to explore Atlas and other filters and functions in your own systems.
Vostok Instruments Atlas Quad-Core Multimode Filter Reviews