VongonPolyphrase Stereo Echo Effect Pedal


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Vongon Polyphrase

The Polyphrase by Vongon is a stereo delay with infinite feedback loop, independent delay speeds for each channel, and maximum delay times up to 22 seconds. Housed in a beautiful wooden enclosure, the Polyphrase sounds as good as it looks with a warm modulation section that can add a little or a lot of fluctuation to your signal and a dedicated Tone knob which lets you move from Dark to Bright. Delay settings can be as short as 85ms and extend to 22s giving you a wide range of options from short pitch modulation to long Frippertronics-like territory. With the two center sliders, you can easily give your sound a more stereo feel by having them slightly or greatly out of sync with each other with the option to sync them together, as well.

There are a few settings that the Polyphrase can move through: the first is a typical Dual Stereo mode which gives you two delays for each channel that can either be synced or unsynced, as mentioned before. The second mode is a Ping-Pong delay which alternates the sound between the left and right giving you a nice stereo swirling effect that is tied to the tempo. The third option turns your delay into a mono delay using the R I/O as an effects loop for the feedback path, allowing you to customize the delay tone and texture. A Trig footswitch can be adjusted to either function as a tap tempo or to engage the infinite feedback and with an option to go to 110% repeats, you can get some noisy feedback if desired.

You calso get a nice little 3.5mm MIDI input for control over the pedal, making this a great tool for the studio. If you've been pining for a Lexicon Prime Time delay, which is what the Polyphrase is modeled after, but don't want to spend an obscene amount, Vongon has you covered. Grab a Polyphrase today and expand your creative possibilities—we should mention that it looks very nice together with the Ultrasheer.

Polyphrase Features

  • Stereo delay pedal housed in handsome wooden enclosure
  • 3 Delay modes: Stereo, Ping-Pong, and Mono with Effects Loop
  • Modulation section features Sine and Random waveform with Depth control
  • Independant time control for both delay lines
  • Trig footswitch functions as either tap tempo or engages infinite feedback loop
  • Delay speeds from 85ms to 22s
  • Tone knob for shaping the sound
  • MIDI Type-B input
  • Dimensions: 6.5 x 5.5 x 2.25"/165 x 140 x 57mm
  • Power Specs: 9V center negative 2.1mm (Boss style) (Not included)
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