VongonParagraphs Filter Pedal


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Vongon Paragraphs Filter Pedal

Vongon's Paragraphs is an all-analog four-pole resonant low pass filter with an integrated AD envelope, providing an intuitive interface and consistently gorgeous sonic results. Paragraphs' sound is very characterful. At its core is the AS3320 analog chip—a modern incarnation of chips used in some of the most iconic electronic musical instruments, including the Elka Synthex, Linn Electronics Linndrum, as well as Sequential Prophet-5 and Pro-One. The cutoff frequency covers the entirety of the audio range, and the filter starts to self oscillate when the resonance parameter is at around the two o'clock mark.

To animate the filter, Vongon added a simple but very effective Attack-Decay envelope as a modulation source for the frequency cutoff parameter that has three modes of operation, and a dedicated Trigger switch to activate it. The modes are Once for a single shot envelope, Hold, which sustains the envelope at its maximum value for as long as the Trigger switch is held before decaying, and Cycle, which turns it into a unipolar LFO. The shape of the envelope can also be altered via a linear/exponential response toggle switch. Something also has to be said about the vast range of the envelope—as it covers everything from extremely slow (down to 20s) cycles to fast west-coast like audio rate modulation (up to 300 Hz). Furthermore, the pedal is equipped with CV and MIDI 3.5mm input jacks to allow for rhythmic triggering of the envelope from external sources like DAWs, hardware sequencers, grooveboxes, and Eurorack modular systems.

Finally, thanks to flexible gain staging, Paragraphs responds equally well to both instrument and line level signals, making it a great addition to a variety of setups. The combination of Drive and Output controls on the top of the pedal allow for seamless transformation of the signal from clear and transparent to full-on fuzz. If you are looking for a flexible filter pedal with plenty of options for creative interaction—Paragraphs is the one.

Paragraphs Features

  • Resonant four-pole low pass filter based on the AS3320 chip
  • AD envelope for cutoff frequency modulation with linear or exponential response curve and three modes: Once, Hold, and Cycle
  • Envelope range is 0.05 Hz–300 Hz
  • Dedicated Trigger switch to activate the envelope
  • MIDI and CV inputs for envelope activation from external sources
  • Flexible gain staging
  • Dimensions: 5.7 x 4.7 x 1.5"/144 x 119 x 38mm
  • Power Specs: 100mA @ 9V DC center negative 2.1mm PSU required (not included)
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