EMWVoltage Source (BLACK)


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EMW Voltage Source

The EMW Voltage Source is a handy dual auxiliary module that can be conveniently coupled with EMW’s DC Mixer to offset waveforms. The module also affords manual control over other modules, like VCAs, VCFs, and VCOs. Additionally, four patch connection jacks at the bottom expand the module’s usefulness even further. 

This is the BLACK version of the Voltage Source.

Voltage Source Features

  • Dual Buffered Adjustable Voltage Sources
  • Voltage Range: -10 to +10 Volts with 2 Outputs Per Source
  • 4 Additional Patch Connections
  • Eurorack Module
  • 6 HP Width
  • 50mm Depth
  • +12V: 4mA Current Draw
  • -12V: 3mA Current Draw
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