VermonaVSR-3.2 Vintage Spring Reverb


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Vermona VSR-3.2

Vermona’s VSR-3.2 unit is inspired by dense and metallic reverb sounds from the ‘60s. The unit is surprisingly straightforward, adhering to a simple plug-and-play process in order to generate vintage reverb. One special feature of the VSR-3.2 is its equalizer, which perfectly complements the springs’ frequency response.

Additionally, users can fine tune their tone via the module’s dedicated controls.

VSR-3.2 Features

  • AccuBell Type 9 Spring Tank by Accutronics
  • Tone Control
  • Mix Control
  • Effect Stop with PRE and POST positions in relation to the Spring Tank (PRE mode allows the Reverb's Decay to continue it's fade out)
  • Line Level Input in Front Panel
  • Inputs and Outputs at Rear provide both 0 dBu and -20 dBu Inputs and Outputs
  • Footswitch Input at Rear for Effect Stop


  • Jack (front) :  Max. input level: -40dBu impedance: 1MΩ
  • Jack (rear, A) :  Max. input level: 0dBu impedance: 100kΩ
  • Jack rear, B):  Max. input level: -20dBu impedance: 10kΩ


  • 0 dBu , 600 Ohm
  • -20 dBu, 600 Ohm


  • Effect: >70dB
  • Direct: >80dB


  • Direct: <0,1%

Product properties

  • Power consumption: 5VA
  • Power Adapter: DC 12V Negative Center (No Longer AC power cord)
  • Power: 90 - 240V AC, 50/60Hz
  • Controller: Gain, Tone, Mix, Output Level
  • Switch: Effect Stop (+ Klinkenbuchse)
  • Housing: 19", 1HE, ca. 190mm tief
  • Weight: 2,6kg
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