VermonaRetroverb Lancet Spring Reverb


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Vermona Retroverb Lancet

Vermona’s Retroverb Lancet desktop model is a unique combination of spring reverb, multimode filter, distortion, and a pristine VCA governed by an LFO and Envelope Generator that can be triggered in a variety of ways. The unit can be used in a variety of surprisingly-diverse ways, making is a comprehensive cornerstone to any studio setup, whether the genre is particularly electronic or not. By interacting with a tactile and straightforward interface, users have access to a wide spectrum of sounds that extends well beyond what any of the Retroverb’s individual sections are capable of on their own. 

Retroverb Lancet Features

  • Spring Reverb
  • Belton/Accutronics Type 4 Spring tank
  • 3 individual springs
  • Built in Multimode Filter
  • Built in Amplifier
  • Envelope follower for modulation
  • Envelope generator and LFO for modulation
  • CV/Pedal control


  • Max Input Level:  -32dBu
  • Impedance:  1MΩ


  • Max. Input Level:  20dBu
  • Impedance:  600Ω

Audio Trigger

  • Max Input Level:  -32dBu
  • Impedance: 1MΩ


  • Min trigger voltage:  +4V

CV Input

  • Voltage:  +/-10V

Signal-to-Noise Ratio

  • Direct:  >80dB
  • Effect (VCF open, no reverb):  >75dB

Spring Reverb

  • Number of Springs:  3
  • Reverb time:  2,75s - 4s
  • Controller:  Tone
  • Switch:  Spring (OFF, Pre, Post)
  • Momentary Switch:  Crash


  • Modes:  24dB Lowpass, 24dB Highpass,12db Bandpass
  • Modulation Sources:  envelope generator, envelope follower, CV


  • Balls, Cutoff, Resonance, INT(Modulation Intensity), LFO Intensity


  • Mode, Modulation Source, VCF On/Off


  • Controller LFO Intensity
  • Switches:  Modulations Source, (Envelope Generator, Envelope Follower) Modulation ON/OFF


  • Frequency Range:  0,05..300Hz
  • Waveforms:  saw up, saw down, square, sine,sample&hold, EG
  • Controller:  Speed
  • Switch Range: Lo/Trigger, Lo, Hi

Envelope Generator

  • Attack:  1ms..10s
  • Decay/Release:  1ms..15s
  • Controllers:  Attack, Decay/Release, TriggerSense
  • Switches:  Trigger Source (Input, GATE,Audiotrigger)

Input-/Output section

  • Controllers:  Gain, Drive, Mix, Volume
  • Switch:  Bypass

Product Properties

  • Connectors:  Input, Pedal/CV, Crash, Trigger In, Bypass, Output, 12VAC
  • Weight 0,75kg
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Product Demo Videos
Roland CR-8000 Drum Machine With Zen Delay, Retroverb Lancet, Sherman Filterbank and Spice
Some drum machines sound awesome by themselves—the CR-8000 included—but they often sound better when massaged, mangled, and otherwise augmented with external effects. In this video, the CR-8000 is processed through a variety of desktop effects: delays, filters, distortion, reverb, and more.

The CR-8000 is a peculiar but awesome machine in its own right: the guts of a TR-808 in a package like a preset rhythm machine from the '70s. Still programmable and performable, it provides a solid set of sounds for digging into with various types of effects.

In this video, we first test out some time-based effects, using an Erica Zen Delay and Vermona Retroverb Lancet. The Zen Delay provides flanging/comb filtering and short delay effects, turning the raw tone into something more glitchy and choppy than possible with the CR-8000 alone. We then turn to the Retroverb Lancet, which uses a spring reverb to create murky, dark sense of space and a filter for overall tone shaping.
Rhythm Ace Drum Machine Through Vermona Retroverb Lancet
Trying out many of the preset rhythms on the Rhythm Ace FR2L with different settings on the Vermona Retroverb Lancet. The Retroverb has a spring reverb, state variable filter, voltage controlled amplifier, LFO, envelope follower and envelope generator. There is also variable routing on the lancet and an input stage that can be overdriven into distortion.

Today's digital effects and plug-ins can create almost perfect room simulations. However, when it comes to characteristic and charismatic reverb, analogue effect-processors are yet to beat. The reverberating sound of a spring is so lively and unique that its sound is almost impossible to recreate in the digital domain. In addition to this, Retroverb Lancet is not just a spring reverberation system - it is an analogue multi-effects-processor. It offers overdrive, filtering, VCA, envelope and LFO to manipulate the spring sound and create different sounds like Auto-Wah, Tremolo, Distortion, Delay, Gater and of course Reverb.
Vermona Retroverb Lancet Spring Reverb Reviews