VermonaPerFourMer MKII Quad Analog Synthesizer Desktop Module


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Vermona PerFourMer MKII

Vermona’s PerFourMer mkII is comprised of four monophonic synthesizers that can be combined in various ways to create an array of different sounds. Each “channel” features an analog oscillator with five waveforms and a noise generator that is then sent to the PerFourMer’s 24dB low-pass filter for further processing. From there, the signal travels through the unit’s VCA section, which can be modulated by an onboard LFO or ADSR Envelope Generator. 

Each of the PerFourMer’s channels can be combined via different synchronization modes for literally endless sonic possibilities. There’s also a MIDI interface, so the unit can be used with DAWs and MIDI controllers. 

PerFourMer MKII Features

  • Sound production: analog, subtractive
  • Single output/insert per channel; VCO output and ext. input per channel
  • 6 x different play modes including 2 x monophonic, 2 x duophonic and 2 x polyphonic
  • 24 dB resonant low pass filters
  • External inputs for each individual voice for use as filterbank
  • MIDI input and thru
  • Rack ears not included
  • LFO sync to internal or external MIDI clock
  • Individual output per voice and stereo output with pan control
  • Advanced editing menu for even more possibilities


  • Power:  Main, 240V, 50-60Hz
  • Oscillators:  1 x VCO per channel, wave form: 2 x saw tooth, 2 x square, 2 x pulse; noise, external signal
  • Modulation:  1 x ADSR envelope per channel; 1 x LFO per channel; FM between the synthesizer-channels
  • Outputs:  Sum outputs and master inputs; headphone output
  • Controls:  4 x identical synthesizer channels, max 4 voices
  • Dimensions:  19", 5HE; desktop
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Vermona PerFourMer MKII Quad Analog Synthesizer Desktop Module Reviews