VermonaMono Lancet Analog Synthesizer Desktop Module


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Vermona Mono Lancet

Vermona’s Mono Lancet synthesizer is an all-analog powerhouse with a straightforward interface and loads of possibilities. The unit is comprised of two analog oscillators, each with PWM that can be controlled via MIDI or CV. There's also an onboard glide generator with legato mode. The Mono Lancet’s filter section consists of a 24dB low-pass filter that is capable of self-oscillating, producing a remarkably stable sine wave with a 2 1/2 octave range. Users can control the cutoff frequency via MIDI.

Additionally, the Mono Lancet has VCA and Envelope sections, as well as an LFO capable of producing six waveforms. Finally, the rear of the Mono Lancet houses a 25 pin sub-D connector for connecting the “Mono Lancet Modular Dock”, which adds additional ins and outs for both control and audio signals. 

Mono Lancet Features

  • All-analog design
  • Two analog oscillators
  • Onboard glide generator w/legato mode
  • 24dB low-pass filter
  • VCA, Envelope, and LFO sections
  • 25 pin sub-D connector for connection to "Mono Lancet Modular Dock" (sold separately) 


  • Waveform: Square, Sawtooth, Triangle
  • Octave: 8’, 16’, 32’


  • Waveform: Square, Sawtooth, White Noise
  • Octave: 4’, 8’, 16
  • Detune +/- 7 semitones

VCO 1 & 2

  • Controller for LFO intensity
  • Controller for EG intensity (+/-)
  • Glide (legato mode or always active)
  • MIX controller
  • PWM via MIDI (modulation wheel)
  • Mastertube +/- 1 tone


  • 24 dB/octave lowpass filter
  • Resonance can be played over a range of 2 1/2 octaves
  • Controller for EG intensity (+/-)
  • Keytrack: Off, 50%, 100%


  • Mode: EG, GATE envelope, ON


  • Waveform: Ramp, Saw, Square, Triangle, Sine, Sample & Hold
  • Frequency range: ca. 0,05 Hz – 250 Hz

Envelope Generator

  • Attack, Decay, Sustain, Release

MIDI Interface

  • Note on/off
  • Pitch Bender on/off (CC 84) - affects VCO pitch (+/- 4 tones) Modulation Wheel on/off (CC 85) - affects pulse width of the VCOs
  • Aftertouch on/off (CC 86) - affects cutoff frequency
  • Velocity on/off (CC 87) - affects VCA
  • Velocity can additionally be set to cutoff frequency (CC 88)
  • Glide-Switch on/off (CC 89) - glide only works when playing legato
  • Legato on/off (CC 90) - envelope will not be retriggered when playing legato

Measurement & Weight

  • Width: ca. 210 mm
  • Depth: ca. 145 mm
  • Height: ca. 55 mm
  • Weight: ca. 750 g
Vermona Mono Lancet Analog Synthesizer Desktop Module Reviews