VermonaKick Lancet Analog Kick Drum Module


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Vermona Kick Lancet

Vermona’s Lancet Analog Kick Drum module is a powerful tabletop percussion synthesizer comprised of a single analog VCO that produces both sine and square waveforms that can blended to taste. From there, the unit has dual independent Envelope Generators, a VCA, and a triangle-core LFO that can be used to modulate the VCO’s pitch. An optional noise and/or pulse signal can be blended via the unit’s mixer section. 

The Kick Lancet is MIDI compatible and also features three trigger inputs, so users can feel comfortable knowing they can use the unit without a computer or external controller if they so choose.

Kick Lancet Features

  • 2 independent envelope generators with a decay/release phase
  • Analogue oscillator that produces sine and square waves, which can be blend seamless from one to the other
  • Noise and a pulse signal can be added in the mixer section
  • Power supply included
  • DECAY – controls decay time of VCA
  • PITCH – oscillator frequency
  • BEND – envelope intensity (pitch)
  • TIME – BEND envelope speed
  • FM FREQ – LFO frequency
  • FM INT – LFO intensity (pitch)
  • ATTACK – adds a pulse to the signal
  • NOISE – adds noise to the signal
  • WAVE – mixes between sine- and square waveform
  • BALLS – more fatness!
  • MIDI trigger(note number an channel can be assigned freely)
  • SWITCH trigger
  • AUDIO trigger
  • GATE voltage (dynamically)
  • Width: ca. 210 mm
  • Depth: ca. 145 mm
  • Height: ca. 55 mm
  • Weight: ca. 600 g
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