VermonaFilter Lancet Desktop Multimode Filter


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Vermona Filter Lancet

Vermona’s Filter Lancet desktop module features the same multimode filter as that used in the Retroverb Lancet, meaning it features the same high-, low-, and bandpass filtering modes, as well as an overdrive circuit and pristine VCA. All of this enables users to create a variety of diverse effects, such as classic filter sweeps, wah-style sounds, and tremolo sounds, among other things.

On this note, the module is ideal for applications far outside the realm of electronic music, including serving as an ample tool for guitarists, drummers, and vocalists alike. 

Filter Lancet Features

  • Analogue multi-mode filter
  • Low pass band pass and high pass modes
  • Include four modulation sources with audio rate LFO capabilities
  • Drive and boost for extra punch and distortion


  • Max. input level:  -32dBu
  • Input impedance:  1MΩ
  • Max. output level:  l20dBu
  • Output impedance:  600Ω
  • Max. audio trigger input level:  -32dBu
  • Audio trigger impedance:  1MΩ
  • Min. gate trigger voltage:  +4V
  • CV input voltage:  +/-5V
  • Signal -noise ratio direct:   >80dB, effect (filter open):  >75dB
  • Filter modes:  24dB lowpass, 24dB highpass, 12dB bandpass
  • Filter modulation sources:  envelope generator, envelope follower, CV
  • Filter controller:  balls, cutoff, resonance, modulation intensity, LFO intensity
  • Switches: mode, modulation source, VCF On/Off
  • VCA controller:  LFO intensity
  • VCA switches:  modulation source: envelope generator, envelope follower
  • LFO frequency range:  0,05..250Hz
  • LFO waveforms:  saw up, saw down, square, triangle, sine, sample&hold
  • LFO controller:  speed
  • LFO switch:  range: Lo/trigger, Lo, Hi
  • ENV attack:  1ms..10s
  • ENV decay/release:  1ms..15s
  • ENV controller:  attack, decay/release, trigger sense
  • ENV switch:  trigger source: input, gATE, audiotrigger
  • Jacks:  Input, GATE, audio trig, pedal/CV, output, 12VAC
  • Weight:  0,75kg
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