VermonaDRM1 MKIII Standard Analog Drum Machine


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Vermona DRM1 MKIII Standard

Vermona’s DRM-1 mkIII is a powerful analog drum synthesizer with a vast array of sonic potential. One special characteristic of the unit is that it has no internal sequencer or patch memory. All triggers are sent via MIDI and all sounds are manually tweaked in real time using the 73 black plastic knobs on the unit’s front panel. The unit’s inherently analog sound gives it a distinct characteristic that many modern drum machines lack, making it invariably less predictable but also much more unique in terms of its emulation of classic drum sounds.

The DRM-1 mkIII features master L/R stereo outputs, as well as individual outputs per channel, which can be used as channel inserts for external FX processing before being fed back into the unit for use in the master mix output.

DRM1 MKIII Standard Features

  • KICK :  Mainly but not only for making big and fat kick drums
  • DRUM1/DRUM2 :  Very flexible instruments that can generate kick- and tom sounds a s well as bongos. Anything from zapp to bling and fantastic PIUU...
  • MULTI :  Three oscillators can be detuned and gives you nice cowbell-like sounds. If you like submarines you can create a nice sonar ping
  • SNARE :  What can we say about that? Well, you get what you expect
  • Hi Hat1 and Hi Hat2 :  That's analogue (heavy- or soft-) metal
  • CLAP :  Classic analogue hand claps


  • 72 Front Panel Controls
  • 8 Channels of True Analog Sound with MIDI
  • Blue LED's flash when channel is triggered
  • 2 High hats / Cymbals
  • Individual Channel Outputs
  • Individual Outputs can be used as Inserts
  • Built-in power supply (no wall wart!)
  • On/Off Switch
  • No crosstalk between channels
  • Stereo and Headphone Output
  • Standard 19" rack width / 5u Height
Product Demo Videos
0-Coast, Pico Modules, DRM1 Mixed by K-Mix and Sequenced by Beatstep Pro
This video shows the Keith McMillen K-Mix being used as a standalone mixer with drums from a Vermona DRM1 MKIII and synth sounds from the Make Noise 0-Coast and Erica Synths Pico Modules. Everything in the video is sequenced by the Arturia Beatstep Pro. The built in compressors, EQs and Reverb effects on the K-Mix were used as well.
Behringer Model D With DRM1 Drums Jam
The Behringer Model D is an affordable three oscillator semi-modular synth with a 24db lowpass filter and midi as well as CV controls. The drums sounds in this track are made with the Vermona DRM1 MKIII and everything is sequenced by the Arturia Beatstep Pro.
Vermona DRM1 MKIII Standard Analog Drum Machine Reviews