ValcoKGB Loop FX Loop + Boost Pedal


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Valco KGB Loop

KGB Loop from Valco is the best way to add a little tonal spice to a send/return signal making it perfect for distortion, fuzz, or any other type of effects loop you can think of. Designed for use with Keyboards, Guitars, and Bass, the impedance selector makes is easy to adjust to the proper setting, or the improper one for tonal varieties. With the send/return circuit, you get a low-noise audio-grade OPA1692 op-amp on the send and a second one on the blended output. Two bypass modes are available: Mode A lets you switch between full bypass and KGB with effects loop engaged, while Mode B lets you switch between the effects loop alone and the effects loop with the KGB boost and impedance selectors. If you're looking for an effects loop that adds a nice bit of color to your audio, the KGB Loop is a perfect solution.

KGB Loop Features

  • Send/Return loop with impedance selector and boost
  • OPA1692 op amps on the Send and Output circuits
  • Boost for -6dB–24dB
  • Polarity reverse switch
  • Dry/Wet fader for blending signals
  • Dimensions: 7.09 X 5.24 X 3.43 in
  • Power Specs: 9V PSU not included, can run on a 9v battery
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