Universal AudioRuby '63 Top Boost Amplifier Pedal

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Universal Audio Ruby '63

Harking back to the sound of the British Invasion, Universal Audio's Ruby '63 is a stellar and innovative emulation of the combo amp sound of a Vox AC30, pushing full control and stereo I/O. The tube-filled flavor of the Ruby '63 is replicated through UA's many years of immaculate modeling experience, offering two flavors of gain boosting modeled after a germanium treble booster as well as a preamp from the echoing EP-3. Amp sculpting continues with the three channel flavors to best fit the sonic palette you wish to explore, and Ruby '63's two-band EQ helps further shape the overall timbre to control harsh brights or muddy low end.

On top of the actual amp modeling, the onboard effects from the AC30 can be found on Ruby '63's alternative controls with increasable room size and modifiable tremolo with speed and intensity controls. Although you are offered a variety of 2x12 cabs modeling three Celestion speakers, you also get three more to swap out via UA's UAFX Control app via mobile pairing, making it easy to make big changes without connecting to a computer! However, the USB-C port is super important for future updates so your Ruby '63 can grow with you. With preset save and recall, design and perform the brilliant tones of a British classic with UA's Ruby '63.

Ruby '63 Features

  • Vox AC 30 emulation
  • Stereo I/O with tube amp and cab emulation
  • Three channel flavors found on the original amp
  • Two boost flavors including legendary germanium treble booster (Dallas Rangemaster) and 70's preamp (Maestro EP-3 tape delay)
  • Modeled tremolo from AC30
  • Speaker cabs, mic, and room tones derived from the OX Amp
  • USB-C for firmware updates
  • Dimensions: 2.65" x 3.62" x 5.55" (H x W x D)
  • Power Specs: Isolated 9VDC, 400mA center-negative (PSU not included)
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