Universal AudioGolden Reverberator Reverb Pedal


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Universal Audio Golden Reverberator Reverb Pedal

Long regarded for their stellar plugin effects for use with their audio interfaces, the Golden Reverberator from Universal Audio brings UAD-powered reverbs to musicians, engineers, and producers of all kinds in a compact package. This stereo effect pedal boasts two processors inside, ensuring the quality and fidelity needed for pristine reverbs, accurately modeling the hardware reverbs which inspired this stompbox.

Golden offers the user three different reverb types, and each type itself provides three different models or algorithms. Spring 65 is based upon three spring tanks from classic American guitar amps, renowned for their character in Surf and other genres of music. Plate 140 is the authentic sound of three vintage plate reverbs found at the Record Plant recording studio. Providing an algorithmic flavor to round out the default offerings, Hall 224 accurately models the sound of reverbs heard in the legendary Lexicon units of the late 1970s. The pedal also provides controls for Decay, Predelay, Mix, Bass, Treble and Mod, allowing for each model to be flexibly shaped to the desires of the user, perhaps more versatile than the original units themselves!

There's more to Golden than sweet reverberances, through. On the back is a convenient USB-C port used for firmware updates, and upon registration users can even load in some additional algorithms, courtesy of the UAD development team. The Vintage Digital Plate and Chamber 224 algorithms are available free of charge, with more options surely on the way. Additionally, by connecting the pedal to the UAFX Control software application, Golden may be further tailored to your needs by configuring true or buffered bypass options and spillover/tails mode. Enjoy sonic baths in luxurious reverbs in the studio or on stage, courtesy of Golden by Universal Audio.

Golden Features

  • Stereo reverb effect pedal
  • Running superb UAD effect algorithms on dual-processor UAFX engine
  • Three reverbs with three models each: Spring 65, Plate 140, and Hall 224
  • Additional available algorithms developed by the UAD team
  • Vintage Digital Plate and Chamber 224 algorithms free upon registration
  • Live and Preset modes
  • Load new effects and firmwares via USB-C port
  • Further configurable via UAFX Control software
  • Reliable construction will through years of use
  • Dimensions: TBD
  • Power Specs: 400mA 9VDC Center Negative (PSU not included)
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Product Demo Videos
UAFX Pedals + Prophet-5 Synth (Starlight Echo, Golden Reverberator & Astra Modulation Machine)
Universal Audio's new line of stereo effect pedals work with guitar level signals but they also work great with synth and even eurorack levels. In this video keyboardist Nick Semrad came by our studio to play a Sequential Prophet 5 through these UAFX pedals. All three of these pedals have a USB-C port for installing other UA effects onto them and they also have presets.

The delay pedals is the Starlight Echo Station which has tape, bucket brigade and clean delay modes. The reverb is the Golden Reverberator which has spring, plate and hall algorithms. And the Astra Modulation Machine can do chorus, flanger and tremolo sounds.
Universal Audio Golden Reverberator Reverb Pedal Reviews