Universal AudioAstra Modulation Machine Effect Pedal


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Universal Audio Astra Modulation Machine Effect Pedal

Born out of the vibrant minds of the team behind Universal Audio's stunning effects plugins, Astra is a brilliant modulation pedal that boasts expressive UAD processing power in a compact, stereo effect pedal format. Inside, the UAFX platform utilizes a dual processor architecture, enabling spectacular effects with an authentic feel and response that are true to the original units that inspired them.

Described as a "Modulation Machine" by Universal Audio, Astra specializes in three effect types: chorus/vibrato, flanger, and tremolo. The aptly named Chorus Brigade effect is based upon the BBD chorus effects which rose to prominence in the 1970s. When this effect is active, there are two effect modes—chorus mode blends the dry signal with the slightly delayed and modulated wet signal for lush chorusing, while vibrato mode bypasses the dry signal entirely for prominent and warbly pitch modulation. In Flanger DBLR mode, Astra emulates highly-regarded rackmount processors for delivering the swooshing jet-like sounds or thick, pseudo-multi tracked layering effects. Trem 65 provides the optical tube tremolo sound made famous by the classic American tube amps of the 1960s.

Astra is not permanently fixed into these effect identities, however. Upon registration, two additional effects named Phaser X90 and Dharma Trem may be downloaded and installed into the pedal via the USB-C port. And with the ability to store and recall presets on the pedal itself, Astra can easily navigate through various effects over the course of a performance. No longer confined to the studio, the Universal Audio Astra ensures high quality modulation effects are at your disposal in any musical environment.

Astra Features

  • Stereo modulation effect pedal
  • Dual processor UAFX engine running renowned UAD effect algorithms
  • Three effects with secondary modes: Chorus Brigade, Flanger DBLR, Trem 65
  • USB-C port for uploading new effects and firmwares
  • Additional effects available and in development by the UAD team, such as Phaser X90 and Dharma Trem
  • Live and preset modes
  • Selectable true or buffered bypass available via UAFX Control software
  • Durable and robust construction
  • Dimensions: TBD
  • Power Specs: 400mA 9VDC Center Negative (PSU not included)
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Product Demo Videos
UAFX Pedals + Prophet-5 Synth (Starlight Echo, Golden Reverberator & Astra Modulation Machine)
Universal Audio's new line of stereo effect pedals work with guitar level signals but they also work great with synth and even eurorack levels. In this video keyboardist Nick Semrad came by our studio to play a Sequential Prophet 5 through these UAFX pedals. All three of these pedals have a USB-C port for installing other UA effects onto them and they also have presets.

The delay pedals is the Starlight Echo Station which has tape, bucket brigade and clean delay modes. The reverb is the Golden Reverberator which has spring, plate and hall algorithms. And the Astra Modulation Machine can do chorus, flanger and tremolo sounds.
Universal Audio Astra Modulation Machine Effect Pedal Reviews