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u-heCVilization Mixing + Modulation Utility


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u-he CVilization

CVilization is the much anticipated Eurorack multi-function utility module from u-he, and based on the breadth of its functions, it seems like the wait was very much worth it. A polymorphic CV and audio utility module, CVilization is designed to fit into a variety of setups. The module features four DC-coupled high-resolution inputs and outputs that work equally well for audio and control voltage signals, two additional 12-bit inputs for CV/Gate/Trigger signals, and an array of backlit colorful rotary push-encoders.

CVilization's functionality changes dependeding on the selected mode, of which there are four: Mix, Route, Mucord, and Pan—plus extra options for quantization with user-definable scales, and sample & hold. In Mix mode CVilization turns into a 4x4 matrix mixers with optional matrix rotation. Switch the module to Route mode, and you've got yourself a 4x4 sequential switch with 8 steps per output. In Mucord mode the module transforms into a 4-track 16-step CV recorder, with further options to mutate and alter the recorded sequence in all sorts of ways. Finally, the Pan mode is designed for quadraphonic audio panning, however it can also be used creatively with control voltage signals as well.

If you are concerned about remembering all the settings in such a feature-dense module, worry not. Up to 8 presets can be stored in each mode, and a total of 128 presets via Select Bus. With such an enormous amount of functions, a small footprint, and an adaptable interface, CVilization is truly a swiss-army knife of modules. It may take some time to fully learn it, but you surely will be rewarded in the end.

CVilization Features

  • Multi-function module for generating and processing CV, panning, signal routing, and more
  • 2 CV inputs
  • 4 high-resolution DC-coupled inputs
  • 4 high-resolution DC-coupled outputs
  • Mix mode: 4 x 4 matrix mixer with optional matrix rotation
  • Route mode: 4 x 4 sequential switch with 8 steps per output
  • Mucord mode: Quad 16-step CV recorder withrealtime mutation
  • Pan: Quadraphonic panner with automatic and CV control
  • Optional quantization, Sample & Hold, glide, CV control
  • 7 user presets plus initialization preset per mode
  • Up to 128 additional presets via Select Bus
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 10hp
  • Depth: 34mm
  • Current draw: 95mA @ +12V, 24mA @ -12V, 130mA @ +5V
u-he CVilization Mixing + Modulation Utility Reviews