Tubbutec6equencer TR-Style Sequencer (1U)


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Tubbutec 6equencer

The Tubbutec 6equencer is a compact yet powerful eight-channel drum sequencer for modular systems inspired by the Roland TR-606. Like the TR-606, the 6equencer is focused on spontaneous pattern creation and performability. Mute tracks, clear steps while playing, or step record—all features are available while a sequence is playing, allowing you to edit your grooves on the fly.

The 6equencer is a versatile node in both analog and MIDI systems. It can be clocked with either analog or MIDI clock signals, sequenced by external MIDI, and it also features a dedicated MIDI output, which means the 6equencer can be used to sequence any MIDI-compatible drum machine. Up to 16 patterns can be chained together in song mode, and play direction for patterns and songs can be set to forward, backward, ping-pong, or random. The 6equencer also features probability controls, allowing you to introduce chance and indeterminate structures into your grooves. With the 6equencer, inspiring grooves are just a few patch cables away.

6equencer Features

  • Eight-channel trigger sequencer
  • Intellijel 1U format compatible
  • Mute tracks, step record, and clear steps while a sequence is playing
  • Forward, backward, ping pong (back and forth) and random play directions for patterns and songs
  • Deep MIDI implementation: MIDI data / clock input accepts Clock, Note On/Off, and CC messages
  • MIDI output for Note On/Off messages
  • Analog clock input
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 24hp
  • Depth: 20mm
  • Current draw: 20–40mA @ +12v, 0mA @ -12V
  • Output trigger / gate voltage 5V
  • Clock and reset input voltage >= 3.5V
  • Midi TRS type A
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