Trogotronicm/669 Analog Artifact Synth


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Trogotronic m/669

The Trogotronic m/669 module is based around a three-analog audio artifact generator array. Interaction between these generators results in complex analog waveforms. When used to process external audio signals, the results can be wonderfully horrific. 

The next section of the module consists of three oscillators, each with discreet controls. There is a single CV oscillator gate control and a master frequency control. When used by itself, this section is ample for creating gristly harmonic drones. When used in conjunction with the above generator section and dedicated Thrust and Switch controls, it becomes a triple modulator. 

The module is unique in its approach to synthesis. The intent behind its design was the exploration of analog audio artifacts, which display as “dynamic hypertonal waveforms”. This puts the m669 in an entirely separate category than other modules oriented around more traditional methods of synthesis and sound generation. 

m/669 Features

  • All Analog Circuit
  • Implement alone as Aggressive Voltage Controlled Audio Signal Source
  • Implement alone as Triple High-Harmonic VCO Drone / Dissonant Screech Source
  • Use to Trigger Prolonged Complex Events via Voltage Controlled Thrust Parameter
  • Patch through a Sequenced VCA for Rhythmic Depravity
  • Implement as Voltage Controlled External Audio Effektor in series with Signal-Chain
  • Implement as Voltage Controlled External Audio Effektor “Side-Chained” in parallel
  • 3 Voltage Controlled Oscillator Array
  • 3 Master Oscillator Controls
  • 3 Voltage Controlled Analog Audio Artifact Generator Array
  • 1 Volume Control
  • 3 Modulator Patches
  • 3 Patch Modulator Switch
  • Voltage Controlled Thrust Parameter
  • 4 Light Indicator Array
  • 8 CV Inputs
  • 7 Vactrol Circuits = Organic CV Response
  • Audio Signal Input for Unique Side-Chain or Solo FX Duties (Input for Audio Effektor / Modification)
  • 7 Vactrol Circuits
  • Included Parts and Accessories: m/669 Analog Synth Module, Printed Instruction Manual, Owner’s Card, Marque Decal, Subhuman Slogan Bumper Sticker, 7” Ribbon Connector, 4 Mounting Screws, 1 Screwdriver
  • Eurorack Module
  • 14 HP Width
  • 40mm Depth
  • Current Draw: 85mA @ +12V
Trogotronic m/669 Analog Artifact Synth Reviews