Trogotronicm/624i Collier Case w/ Intellijel 1U Rows (20A)


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Trogotronic M/624i

From Trogotronic, the M/624i case is a beast of a Eurorack enclosure, providing a great deal of power for your power hungry modules and ample rack space and power connectors—designed to fit up to 60 modules. Featuring four 3U 104hp rows and two Intellijel-format 1U rows, this 14U case can be packed with a ton of modules. The two sides of the case can be taken apart for independent use and have enough room to transport with modules patched and the lid closed.

Trogotronic produces some of the most beefy power supplies out there, in this configuration it supplies 20A or 20,000mA of power over both sides. This provides ample power for even a collection of tube-based modules. The mounting rails are threaded and 160+ mounting screws are included. This tough-as-nails case provides a ton of space and a ton of power, making it a top-notch case for musicians who demand more.

M/624i Features

  • 14U 104hp case
  • 20,000mA or 20A of power with 60 power headers
  • Intellijel-style 1U rows
  • Lid and case can be disconnected for independent use
  • Internal clearance means it can travel with modules patched and the lid closed
  • World-wide compatible, with hardwired US-style power connections
  • Includes mounting screws
  • 14U 104 HP
  • Mains in via hardwired American-style cord, compatible with worldwide voltage levels
  • 20,000mA of total power
  • 25 x 16.75 x 12"/63 x 42 x 30cm
Trogotronic m/624i Collier Case w/ Intellijel 1U Rows (20A) Reviews