Trogotronici1 Audio and CV Reactive Light


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Trogotronic i1

The Trogotronic i1 Illuminator is the perfect way to create a light show from your audio or CV signals. It features a super-bright lamp that reacts to input signals. You can input CV or audio signals either from the audio input or the built-in microphone. It also features a CV out, which functions like a thru port, passing the CV signal and allowing multiple units to be daisy chained together.

Both the range and sensitivity can be adjusted to fine tune your input signals. The built-in clamp allows you to attach it to whatever you'd like. It comes with four combinable color filters that can be used to diffuse and recolor the light output. Imagine a thousand fiery burning suns reacting to your audio or CV signals and you might get close to imagining the i1's capabilities.

i1 Features

  • Super-bright light fx
  • Reacts to audio or CV signals
  • Built-in mic
  • Range and sensitivity controls
  • Daisy chain multiple units together with the CV out
  • Comes with four combinable color filters
  • Includes 5A power supply
  • Run or standby modes
  • 12V/5A power (included)
Trogotronic i1 Audio and CV Reactive Light Reviews