Trogotronic679 MiniSynth CV Noise Synthesizer


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Trogotronic 679 MiniSynth CV

The Trogotronic 679 MiniSynth is a compact valve synthesizer that utilizes an all-analog signal path and high-voltage tubes for a characteristically punishing sound. The unit contains six CV primary oscillators with vactrol CV inputs and can be used as a dedicated tube distortion unit simply by flipping its tube bypass switch.

679 Features

  • All Analog Circuit
  • Audio Input for synth Modulation
  • Oscillator Bypass Setting for use as Tube Distortion FX
  • 3 Main-Oscillators with Vactrol CV inputs
  • 4 Amplifier Stages: 2 Solid State + 2 High Voltage Tube
  • 2 Unique Vactrol CV FX parameters (Drive & Modulation)
  • 1 Master Frequency Control of Oscillators: Track
  • 6 CV Input Attenuators
  • 679′s 5 Toggles = 8x More Internal Patch Combinations than Original 676
  • Amplifier Boost / Synth-Bypass Switch
  • Compatible w/ Alternate Tubes for Auxiliary Plug & Play Sonic Profiles
  • 4 Button Performance Array with 4 Override Toggles—
  • Muting Capability via Thumb Performance Button / Hold Toggle
  • Parameter & CV Activate or Interrupt Finger Buttons / Toggles x3
  • Slovakian Max. Gain, Twin-Triode Vacuum Tube run @ High Voltage
  • New, More Stable Low Profile Design
  • New, Sturdy & Shielded Cast Aluminum Chassis

  • Cast Aluminum Chassis 4.75″ x 7.5″ x 1.5″
  • High Output Triple Oscillator Twin Triode MiniSynth
  • Includes 100v-120v adapter
Trogotronic 679 MiniSynth CV Noise Synthesizer Reviews