Trogotronic669cv Bosshog Mini Synth Pedal


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Trogotronic 669cv Bosshog Mini Synth Pedal

The 669cv Bosshog Mini Synth, by Trogotronic, is a semi-modular analog synthesizer comprised of three oscillators, three analog audio artifact generators, and seven vactrol circuits. As far as inputs and outputs go, the module holds a1/4” input and output and eight 1/8” CV inputs for use with modular synthesizer gear. 

Sonically, the 669cv Bosshog is capable of everything from pulsing staccato stabs to deep, doomy drones. It can go from untamed and unruly to cool and controlled at the flick of a switch or the insertion of a cable. 

669cv Features

  • 3 Oscillators
  • 3 Master Oscillator Controls
  • 3 Analog Audio Artifact Generators
  • 1 Volume Control
  • 3 Modulator Patches
  • 4 Light Indicator Array
  • 7 Button Performance Array
  • 7 Switch Hold Override Array
  • 2 One/Quarter Inch Jacks—Input & Output
  • 8 One/Eighth Inch CV Inputs for Modular Compatibility
  • 7 Vactrol Circuits
  • Heavy Duty Cast Aluminum Enclosure
  • 12V DC Center-Positive Power Adapter
  • 100-120V Power Supply with Optional Universal Power Supply 100-240V
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