Episode 3: 8/8/2018

The first half of our two-part Black Lodge set features Ohio native Vikas Malhotra aka Kosmik. Malhotra has operated in the electronic music scene since the early ‘90s. He moved to New York City in ’98, where he co-founded the Foundation Team/Trü Skül parties. These gatherings showcased midwest artists, particularly those based in the Chicago and Detroit areas. Nearly a decade later, Kosmik relocated to the Santa Barbara, California and began hosting the Sun Ra-inspired “Interplanetary Musik” on KCSB 91.9FM. He subsequently moved to Los Angeles and co-founded The Black Lodge gatherings with Force Placement. These free monthly events quickly morphed into a record label and were joined by two more staple members, Vexation aka Dirty Jak and Simonowsky. Though he primarily operated as a DJ, Kosmik has casually delved into audio production, cutting tracks for Black Lodge Recordings and Slaying Medusa. He is currently a member of Optimistic Misanthropes, who are joining forces with Circling Vultures for an upcoming split EP.

Be sure to tune in next time for the conclusion of our Black Lodge set, helmed by none other than Black Lodge co-founder Force Placement aka Jason James.


Track Label Time
Light Sounds Dark 0:00
Lap Dance
Nightlife Unlimited
Peaches and Prunes: Ron Hardy Edit
Midnight Riot 6:57
Africans With Mainframes
Nubian Rainbows
Bio Rhythm 11:05
The League Unlimited Orchestra
Do or Die
Virgin 15:21
Sketch 4
Kode 18:55
Zodiac Free Arts Club
June Records 24:04
Black Lodge 27:30
Traxx, James Cotton, D'Marc Cantu
Juz Jak
Nation 30:28
Faces Drums
Faces Drums 1 & 2
Muzique 35:34
Chicago Skyway
Eargasmic Recordings 43:25
Last One
Squirrels on Film 47:14
Mick Wills
Gigolo Records 49:57
Mike Mareen
Love Spy (Night Mix)
Zyx Rec 54:03