Gabie Strong

Episode 5: 9/5/2018

Gabie Strong is an artist, musician, and designer. Her work occupies a space at the intersection between nature and technology in urban environments, exploring the subsequent intimacy and agonism therein. In addition to her artistic ventures, she also runs Crystalline Morphologies, a publishing label that specializes in experimental music that often falls outside the parameters of the contemporary avant garde scene.


Track Label Time
White Boy Scream
Crystalline Morphologies 00:00
Beatriz Ferreyra
Demeures aquatiques
Recollection GRM 03:57
Shelter Death
I Cannot Hear the Filthy City
Crystalline Morphologies 11:16
Metal Rouge
Take It
Emerald Cocoon 14:27
Free Kitten
Ecstatic Peace! 20:57
Harry Pussy
Free Pussy
Slitbreeze 25:16
Yangon Sein Kyi Moe
The Tune of the First Entertainment
Majora 30:11
Yi Yi Thant & Aung Heina
Good Time
Majora 31:22
Double Leopards
Secret Correspondence I
Eclipse Records 35:43
Annea Lockwood
World Rythms
1750 Arch Records 43:29
Charlemagne Palestine
Strumming Music
Shandar 50:50