Episode 9: 10/31/2018

Baseck is a Los Angeles-based experimental electronic musician and all-round percussion powerhouse with a penchant for using obscure vintage drum machines and modular synthesizers and an inhuman mastery of the DSI Tempest. Despite his affinity for and access to mind-bending rare, boutique, and modern gear he can make music with absolutely anything. He’s also a pretty rad dude.


Track Label Time
Peter Green
Rephlex 00:00
DJ Peabird
Transform Tone/Oldskool Techno Tone
Breakz'R Uz 02:43
Mechanically Seperated Chicken
Digital Hut 04:17
B.C. Kid
Bad Dreams
Generator Records 06:40
Lenny Dee
The Dreamer
Industrial Strength Records 09:24
Mokum Records 11:00
The Prophet
The Point
Mokum Records 13:46
DJ Paul Elstak & Lenny Dee
All Of Us Are One People
Rotterdam Records 16:00
Los Pablos
The Way We Like It (Normal Mix)
Viva Vivaldi
The Summer
Arcade 20:30
DJ Neophyte En Evil Activities
Alles Kapot (10 Jaar Later Lekkur Dan...)
Rotterdam Records 22:37
Low Entropy
Mental Cleansing
Praxis Records 25:45
Body Lotion
Ik Wil Hakke!
Terror Traxx 26:04
Get In Gear Remix
Kotzaak Records 28:17
Dogge Team
Cut U Out (Bring The New Style)
Kotzaak Records 30:03
Omar Santana
Step The Fuc Back
H20H Recordings 31:16
909 Abuse
Loosing C
Shockwave Recordings 33:38
Max Death
Part 3
Strike Records 36:13
Delta Nine
Who Not Into...
Industrial Strength Records 38:40
Sons Of Aliens
Terror Traxx 41:34
Ec8or & Moonraker
Titanium Steel 43:42
Bring The Noize (Remix #69)
Shockwave Recordings 45:40
Love Sake
Rotterdam Records 47:08
Fat Gold
Strike Records 49:49
Lenny Dee
Hear The Bell Ring
Industrial Strength Records 51:29
Napalm #3
Napalm Records 52:52
Lenny Dee
Fuckin Hostile (Brooklyn Mix)
Industrial Strength Records 53:47
Feeling Shit
Industrial Strength Records 56:00
Low Entropy
Mental Cleansing
Praxis Records 57:30
Peter Green
Rephlex 58:58

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