TK AudioTF1 High-Pass + Low-Pass Dual Filter


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TK Audio TF1 High & Low-Pass Filter

The TK Audio TF1 is comprised of two 12dB slope filters (one high- and one low-pass), each with dedicated cutoff controls and balanced ins and outs. 

TF1 Features

  • 1 High-Pass Filter
  • 1 Low-Pass Filter
  • High-Pass Filter Cutoff Control
  • Low-Pass Filter Cutoff Control
  • x10 Low-Pass Button
  • LPF In Button
  • x10 High-Pass Button
  • HPF In Button


  • 500 Series Module
  • Headroom +27dBu
  • HPF range: 30Hz-480Hz or 300Hz-4.8kHz
  • LPF range: 100Hz-2.2kHz or 1kHz-22kHz
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