TK AudioS-Blender Mini Mastering Console w/ Aluminum Knobs


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TK Audio S-Blender w/ Aluminum Knobs

The TK-Audio S-Blender is a mini mastering console featuring two stereo inputs for parallel and serial processing. There’s a five-step mode control that alters the signal path, resulting in a plethora of combinations without any outboard connections required. The unit’s first insert is semi-fixed, while the second can be positioned at one of any four preselected points in the signal path. Users can swap the functionality of each input with the simple press of a button.

There are also dedicated mute buttons, and a monitor section with volume control and a mono switch. Input signals are split across three channels. The first consists of the unprocessed sound. The second features the Insert 1, and the third is only active in Mode 5 (which enables the third channel to be mixed into the output signal with dedicated volume control). Each of the three channels are followed by a mix point with a dedicated blend control for channels 1 and 2.

This version of the S-Blender features ALUMINUM KNOBS. 

S-Blender Features

  • Unique parallel and serial processing
  • Gold plated relays
  • Monitor section with volume control and mono switch
  • Multiple Modes for signal path routings
  • Swap: The swap switch change places of the two inserts.
  • Main level: The main level is placed right before the main output.
  • Monitor level: The monitor signal is fed directly from the output connectors through its own dedicated level control.
  • A mono switch is also provided for checking mono compatibility. The mono switch does not affect the main signal.
  • Internal, regulated powersupply with a toroidal transformer; 115 or 230V, selectable.
  • Noise flooor: below 104dBm
  • Frequency response:Â 10Hz to 100kHz, less than -0.1dB
  • Distortion: less than 0.003% THD+N, @ +8dBm
  • Balanced XLR main/insert inputs: 24kohm
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