TK AudioMono Blender Dry / Wet Mixer


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TK Audio Mono Blender

The TK Audio Mono Blender makes parallel processing easy. Simply insert a compression into the front panel XLR input and mix it with any other external audio signal—all without any loss of quality to either signal. 

The unit’s inputs and outputs are all electronically balanced and the blend control features 21 separate steps that lend to extremely precise adjustments, no matter the audio source. 

Mono Blender Features

  • Insert any mono device into your chain
  • Fully varaible dry/wet control
  • Ultra clean design
  • Max input/output level: +27dBu
  • THD, A-weighted: less than 0.002%
  • IMD, A-weighted: less than 0.0009%
  • Frequency responce: 20Hz to 80kHz +/-0dB
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