Tiptop AudioFold Processor Wavefolder

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Tiptop Audio Fold Processor

Partially inspired by renowned Serge designs, the Fold Processor from Tiptop Audio provides a platform for mangling your waveforms in totally new ways. Incoming audio is folded over itself up to 6 times, with standard waveforms gaining a totally new identity, while routing in complex audio like samples, submixes, and more will behave more like a traditional distortion effect. Additionally, there's a subdivision output, which derives sub-octave square waves at 1, 2, 4, and 8 divisions below the input signal.

This particular Fold Processor comes in a stealthy black panel, completing a moody persona perfectly suited to the sounds that lie within.

Fold Processor Features

  • Wave multiplier Eurorack module
  • Sub-octave square wave generator section
  • Diode based wavefolding section inspired by Serge circuits
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 12hp
  • Depth: 42mm
  • Current draw: Current Draw: 60mA@+12V, 55mA@-12V 
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Product Demo Videos
Tiptop Audio Fold Processor Eurorack Wavefolder & Divider
This video shows some of the sounds that can be created by folding and dividing simple sine waves with the TipTop Audio Fold Processor eurorack module.

The Fold Processor from Tiptop Audio is a wavefolder, or wave multiplier complete with voltage control. Along with this is a sub-octave generator capable of providing /1, /2, /4, /8 subdivisions, all of which are mixed out of the Subdiv Output. The wave folder section can take clean sine and triangle waves and morph them into beefy and rich waveshapes unlike any other. The output of the sub-octave generator provides all squarewaves. For getting timbres that no sawtooth can create, the Fold Processor is there.
Fold Processor now in black too
All sounds on this video were made with the Fold Processor
Tiptop Audio Fold Processor Wavefolder Reviews