Tiptop AudioZeus Access & Studio Busboard w/ PSU


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Tiptop Audio Zeus Access & Studio Busbard (w/PSU)

The Zeus Access & Studio Busboard combination from Tiptop Audio is an affordable and high-quality setup for systems requiring more and cleaner-sounding power. This package contains the Cincon power supply, Zeus Access switch module, and Zeus Studio Bus needed to power modules drawing a combined 1.3A with minimal setup; however, the Zeus system can be used with up to two additional Zeus Studio Busboards, allowing the power supply to deliver up to 3.8A on the +12V rail before another power supply is required.

Zeus Access & Studio Busbard (w/PSU) Features

  • Tiptop Audio Zeus Access and Studio Bus Board
  • Guarantees low-noise and minimal bleed-through between modules
  • Maximum current per Studio Bus: 1.3A @ +12V, 800mA @ -12V, 300 mA @ +5V
  • Access powers up to 3 Zeus Studio Bus Boards
  • Includes external Cincon-TTA Brick-Style Power Supply
  • No Additional Assembly or Special Tools Needed
  • Eurorack Modular Power Access Panel
  • 4 HP Width
  • 16AWG Wire and Plated Copper Terminals Leads
  • Power Supply: +15V DC Center Positive
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