Tiptop AudiouZEUS 13.5V 1000mA PSU


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Tiptop uZeus 13.5V Power Supply

Tiptop Audio’s uZeus 13.5V Power Supply is an alternative option to the Cincon/TTA PSU. It offers lower power but is easier on the wallet. Capable of powering a single uZeus, the Power Supply offers 1110mA and 13.5V. For those looking to power multiple busboards, such as the Zeus or Tiptop Studio Bus, the uZeus will not be able to provide enough power, so go with the Cincon/TTA. 

13.5V Power Supply Features

  • Tiptop Audio uZEUS 13.5V Power Supply
  • Lower-Power, Lower-Cost Option to the Cincon/TTA PSU
  • Powers a uZEUS — Perfect for powering 1 uZEUS
  • Eurorack Modular uZEUS Power Supply
  • 13.5V DC 1110mA Power
Tiptop Audio uZEUS 13.5V 1000mA PSU Reviews