Tiptop AudioTime Domain Bundle for Z-DSP


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Tiptop Audio Z-DSP Time Domain Bundle

Tiptop Audio’s Time Domain Bundle features three cartridges specializing in time-based effects. See below for a description of each card’s functionality.

Mod Delay: Modulated Delays animates delay lines in various ways. Its algorithms add to the effects signal path while imparting further processing on the audio signal. This results in a sound that is unique to the Mod Delay.

All programs therein feature different styles of processing, including chorus, diffusion, panning, and more—which are added to the mono or dual delay line structure. Two Modulator programs can be used with external CV signals for an array of creative modulation possibilities.

Hydra: This cartridge specializes in multi-tap delay and rhythmic effects. It features a spread parameter that moves through rhythmic variations, effectively utilizing diffusion to mobilize the space between delay and reverb.

Hydra’s algorithm sums the Z-DSP’s inputs to mono, changing the signal into a single delay line. From there, output taps are extracted from the delay line and applied to the stereo outputs. The programs contain additional features such as panning, pitch shifting, filtering, diffusion, and even an external clock input for enhanced synchronization.

Spirals: This pitch and multi-tap delay cartridge makes use of several multi-tap delay techniques, combining them with two pitch shifters for a host of harmonizing choruses, harmonic reverb, and echoes. Its algorithms are derived from high-end effects processors with complex editing processes. However, once inserted in the Z-DSP, Hydra’s algorithms can be altered via three easy adjustments.

Time Domain Bundle Features

  • Three cartridges oriented around time-based effects
  • Included cartridges: Mod Delay, Hydra, Spirals
  • Compatible with Tiptop Audio's Z-DSP module
  • Voltage controlled digital time-based effects algorithm collection
  • Includes three cartridges: Mod Delay, Hydra, and Spirals
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