ThreeTom ModularDoppio Stereo Drive + Limiter


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ThreeTom Modular Doppio

ThreeTom Modular's Doppio is the shot of espresso your modular rig has been missing, offering two channels of gain and limiting to lift and shape any kind of signal. With two identical channels maintaining independent paths but sharing controls, Doppio can work with stereo signals or equally affect dual mono sources. Caffeine serves as your gain control, with its range bolstered a three-mode switch offering x1, x5 or x21 gain! Additionally, you can tune Doppio's response with its other toggle switch providing Linear, Drive, and Limit options. Finally, the output may be attenuated with the Volume control, ensuring that you hit any following modules with the right amount of level. If your modular rig is in need of some serious caffeine, take a swig of the Threetom Modular Doppio.

Doppio Features

  • Stereo/dual mono drive and limiter module
  • Coffee bean indicator lights
  • Caffeine (Gain) and Volume controls
  • 3-position gain switch: x1, x5, and x21
  • 3-position soft-clipping swich: linear, drive, limit
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 4hp
  • Depth: 25mm
  • Current draw: 45mA @ +12V, 45mA @ -12V
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