ThorensTD 170-1 EV Turntable (Black)

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Thorens TD 170-1 EV

The Thorens TD 170-1 EV is a perfect turntable for those looking to plug in and play. The 170-1 EV comes pre-assembled with an electronic tone arm. This means that no finnicky adjustments need to be made, so the listener can ge right to listening.

In keeping with this ethos, the TD 170-1 EV also comes with an integrated phono preamp, keeping the turntable an entirely self contained unit. Additionally the table also features 3 playing speeds, so you can lounge to your 33-long player, bop to your 45, and with a seperate stylus you can even dust off that old 78 that you've been hiding away!

TD 170-1 EV Features

  • An excellent turntale for any lover of vinyl
  • Easily selectable 44, 45, or 78 rpm speed (though a separate stylus/cartridge combo is required for 78 playback)
  • Ships with an integrated phono preamp for easy integration into powered speaker setups
  • Comes factory pre-assembled for easy setup—get straight to listening!
  • Includes Ortofon OMB 10 cartridge
  • Automatic start function with easy selection of record diameter
  • Includes acrylic cover
  • Output: 2x RCA
  • Dimensions: 420 x 125 x 360mm
  • Power: external mains adapter (included)
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