Thermionic CultureRobin Passive DI Box


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Thermionic Culture Robin

Thermionic Culture's Robin is a passive DI box boasting impeccable audio quality thanks to a high specification transformer. The transformer offers a signal ratio of 10:1, and boosts the connected preamp's impedance by 100x. For example, a preamp with an impedance of 1 kOhms will appear as 100 kOhms at the instrument input. Additionally, there's an AMP output that allows an external amplifier to be used for stage monitoring or a secondary recording path. Bypass allows the transformer to be removed from the circuit for high-impedance preamps, and a ground lift switch can reduce pesky loop hum. Step up your DI signal path with the Robin by Thermionic Culture.

Robin Features

  • Passive DI box
  • High performance E.A. Sowter transformer
  • Ground lift switch
  • Transformer bypass switch
  • Amp thru jack
  • Dimensions: TBD
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