Thermionic CulturePurple Bustard Summing Mixer


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Thermionic Culture Purple Bustard

The Thermionic Culture Purple Bustard builds off the legacy of the Fat Bustard and its more immediate predecessor, the Little Red Bustard. And though it sports a special edition purple faceplate in commemoration of Thermionic Culture's 20th anniversary, the Purple Bustard is not all about looks: it is about unparalleled sound quality. While the Little Red Bustard is perhaps one of the best values for its price class, the Purple Bustard adds significantly improved Phase Shift response, bringing it into the future while retaining all that made it great in the first place. Smooth, all-valve 16-channel summing with added Attitude and Air? Sign us up.

Little Red Bustard Features

  • All valve 16 input summing mixer
  • Each pair of inputs has its own on/off switch
  • Inputs 13 to 16 can be switched to centre
  • Attitude control adds musical 2nd harmonics
  • Air control increases high top end without solid state harshness
  • Frequency response extends well above and below audio range
  • Easily enough output to drive your DAW and very low noise
  • All inputs are “semi-floating” on XLRs
  • Outputs are unbalanced
  • Shares the same natural warmth as the Fat Bustard
  • Extremely low distortion (< 0.1%) before Attitude is added
  • Input impedance: 10kΩ
  • Output impedance: 250Ω. Load impedance should be 2kΩ or greater.
  • Distortion: <0.025% @ +4dBu (THD, unweighted, 30kHz filter)
  • Maximum o/p level: +25dBu (MOL @ 1% distortion)
  • Noise (30kHz filter): < - 82dBu
  • Frequency response +/- 1dB: 12Hz to 55kHz
  • Crosstalk: 1kHz < - 60dB, 10kHz < - 50dB
  • Power consumption 35 watts
  • Weight 5.3 kg
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