Tesseract ModularStonk Joystick Controller + Audio Processor


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Tesseract Modular Stonk

More than just a controller, Tesseract Modular's Stonk is a joystick-based looper, CV generator, and audio processor designed to provide another method of tactile interaction with your modular synthesizer. Stonk features four channels: two for audio and two for CV, plus two additional CV outputs providing the sum and difference of the CV channels. With record mode, you can capture movement on the joystick to manipulate audio and generate complex control voltages. Additionally, different modes for each channel afford even more flexibility for interacting with your patch, from LFOs and Euclidean envelopes on the CV side to multimode filters, reverbs, wave folders, and more for the audio processors. Take a hands-on approach to performing your patches with Stonk from Tesseract Modular.

Stonk Features

  • Joystick CV generator and audio processor module
  • 2x audio channels at 24-bits, 48kHz
  • 2x CV channels at 16/12 bits, 12kHz
  • Sum and difference CV outputs
  • Illuminated push buttons
  • 150 second looper per CV/Audio channel
  • 6 modes for Cv channels include LFO, Euclidean envelope generator, and more
  • 6 modes for audio channels including reverb, multimode filter, wavefolder, and more
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 12hp
  • Depth: 30mm
  • Current draw: TBD
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