Tesseract ModularSelam Six-Channel Function Generator


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Tesseract Modular Selam

Add six channels of function generators to your rack with the Selam from Tesseract Modular. Depending on the input type—or lack thereof—the outputs are either an LFO, AR envelope, or slewed CV. Without an input patched, a channel turns into an LFO with a range of +/- 4.8v and it is capable of going as slow as about 0.012Hz in slow mode, which is roughly a minute and 20 seconds, and goes down to about 1Hz in fast mode. Patching a gate or trigger to the input gives you an AR envelope with a range of .3ms to 13s for both the attack/decay in fast mode, and 13ms to 3m in slow mode. A stepped CV source turns the channel into a slew limiter. Combine all of these different functionalities together and you can generate complex CV modulations with the two summing outputs for channels 1+2+3 and 4+5+6. Versatile and feature-rich, the Selam from Tesseract Modular is perfect for subtle or complex patches of all sizes.

Selam Features

  • 6 Channel function generator
  • Each channel features an attenuverter
  • 2 Summing outputs for 1+2+3 and 4+5+6
  • 3 Operation modes per channel: LFO, AR envelope, slew generator
  • 2 Position speed switch: fast and slow
  • LFO voltage range: +/- 4.8v
  • Max LFO range: 0.012Hz, slow/1Hz, fast
  • Envelope range: 13ms—3m, slow/0.3ms—13s, fast
  • Input automatically detects type of signal
  • No signal engages LFO mode
  • Gate/trigger engages envelope mode
  • Stepped CV engages slew limiter more
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 18hp
  • Depth: 25mm
  • Current draw: 159mA @ +12V, 153mA @ -12V
Tesseract Modular Selam Six-Channel Function Generator Reviews