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Tesseract ModularTUKRA Sequencer


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Tesseract Modular TUKRA

TUKRA from Tesseract Modular is a feature-rich 8-channel trigger sequencer, and all-in-one drum machine designed to easily integrate with both CV/Gate and MIDI gear. The architecture of this sequencer/drum-machine allows users to program long, multi-part sequences or even complete songs. Sequences up to 64 steps in length can be chained together into 64 patterns, which can be further organized across 64 parts, and 16 songs within a single project. Up to 64 projects can be hosted on an SD card. Each sequencer track and each pattern allows for independently configurable play mode, clock divider, length, and choke settings. Add to this user-definable probability settings over step, gate, roll, micro-grid step editing, euclidean generator, plus a unique generative sequence tool ramifications, and you've got an unfathomable amount of options to construct elaborate and complex rhythmic structures for days.

Not only is TUKRA a powerful sequencer, but it is also a full-fledged drum machine hosting drum synthesis engines, and a sample player with a dedicated mixer and effects section. It comes preloaded with manufacturer-curated banks of samples, however you are free to load your own into the available user banks. For ultimate sonic density, drum synths engines and samples can be layered, and each track can play up to 127 samples. TUKRA hosts a dedicated stereo output for the audio mix, however each channel's output can be accessed using the expander module TEO.

The module is equipped with a plethora of modulation options to facilitate lively and animated sequence creation. Built-in are 8 LFOs, 3 stepped random sources, and step values, and additionally parameters can be controlled externally via 4 CV inputs, and a MIDI inputs—all accommodated by a comprehensive mod matrix.

To make such a comprehensive set of features and sheer amount of possibilities manageable, Tesseract endowed TUKRA with a well thought out interface, including a dedicated Live view where the most performance-essential controls like solo, mute, fill, roll, invert pattern, reverse play direction, and rotate are under your fingertips. Moreover color-coded LEDs, symbol legend printed directly on the panel, and an overall visually responsive interface will be helpful on your journey of learning this incredible machine.

Whether you need a powerful sequence controller or an all-in-one groovebox in a modular format, TUKRA will easily slide into your setup and become its central element.

TUKRA Features

  • 8 channel trigger-sequencer/drum-machine
  • Extensive sequencing possibilities with 64 steps per pattern, 64 patterns, 64 parts,16 songs per project, and a total of 64 projects per microSD card
  • Independently adjustable play mode, clock divider, length, choke settings per track and pattern
  • Probability settings for step, gate, and roll
  • Euclidean generator and complex generative "Ramifications" tool
  • Internal modulation options include 8 LFOs, 3 stepped random sources, and step value
  • Modulation matrix allows to assign control to pretty much any parameter
  • Comprehensive connectivity options: 8 trigger/gate outs, clock and reset I/O, 4 CV inputs, TRS MIDI I/O, USB host input, and stereo audio out (6 more outs available with an expander)
  • Built-in drum synthesis engine and a sample player
  • Sounds can be layered
  • Built-in mixer and effects (multimode filter, bit crusher, and reverb)
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 32hp
  • Depth: TBD
  • Current draw: 148mA @ +12V, 11mA @ -12V, 332mA @ +5V
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