Tesseract ModularSweet Sixteen Fader Bank (MkII)


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Tesseract Modular Sweet Sixteen

Sweet Sixteen MKII from Tesseract Modular is an adaptation of the 16n Faderbank, but adds CV inputs for each of the channels, allowing it to also function as an attenuator bank. It functions as a CV generator, attenuator, MIDI controller, CV to MIDI converter, i2C controller, and CV to i2C converter. Use the faders to send offset voltages or input CV signals to use them as long-throw attenuators. Connect to MIDI devices using the MIDI TRS connection with jumpers to select between TRS A (Make Noise/Korg) and TRS B (Arturia/Polyend). Additionally, connect via USB as a class-compliant MIDI device. The faders output a range of 0-+8V, which corresponds to MIDI notes 0-127. However, if you'd like to use bipolar signals, four sets of switches select banks of four faders that swap out the voltage reference so that 0V corresponds to note 64, +4V corresponds to note 127, and -4V corresponds to note 0. Use the i2C connectivity for devices such as the ER-301, monome Ansible, or monome Teletype. The Sweet Sixteen MkII improves upon previous versions of the 16n with the addition of CV inputs, allowing for more integration between modular and MIDI devices.

Sweet Sixteen Features

  • 16-channel faderbank
  • Outputs CV, MIDI over TRS, MIDI over USB, and i2C
  • 16 CV inputs
  • Faders output 0-8V
  • Inputs are mappable in groups of four so that bipolar CV signals affect a range of MIDI and i2C values
  • Class-compliant USB connection
  • Jumpers to select between MIDI TRS A and TRS B
  • Function button with LED indication
  • Expansion header
  • i2C pull-up switchable by jumpers
  • Bicolor LEDs per channel
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 24hp
  • Depth: 25mm
  • Current draw: 92mA @ +12V, 86mA @ -12V
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