Tesseract ModularSelecta Combiner / Switch


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Tesseract Modular Selecta

Tesseract Modular's Selecta is a four-channel OR combiner and four-channel A/B switch, great for performative selection and combination of signals. The top section includes OR logic, which outputs a high signal when either input is high or they both are. The switch selects between either channel and ORs them in the middle. When used with bipolar signals, the OR combiner acts as a half-wave rectifier, clipping negative voltages to 0V. Experiment with audio rate signals for pseudo-ring modulation behavior. The bottom A/B Switch section features four channels configured either as two input/one output or one input/two outputs. Use the switch to select either channel or mute both channels with the switch in the center position. The A/B Switch accepts any signals from CV to audio, unipolar or bipolar. This module is simple but incredibly useful, letting you performatively switch between signals on the fly.

Selecta Features

  • OR combiner and signal switcher
  • OR logic outputs a high signal if either input or both inputs are high
  • Select either OR input channel or the OR logic
  • A/B switch selects between two channels
  • A/B works either as two input/one output or one input/two output
  • OR logic also half-wave recitifes signals, clipping negative voltages
  • Reversible panel
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 8hp
  • Depth: 12mm
  • Current draw: Passive
Tesseract Modular Selecta Combiner / Switch Reviews